Taliesin, Mustique. First and foremost, Taliesin was conceived for friends and families to come together, for pleasure and joy. It exists on many levels; relaxed, serene, elegant, beautiful, fun, sociable or secluded, but however you choose to enjoy it, always treat its experience as food for the soul. Simple luxury in the heart of the Grenadines. Bask in the warmth of our Caribbean welcome in the privacy of your own villa. There’s 30,000 sq ft of indoor space, terraces and decks. Let our attentive staff infuse your sojourn with seamless grace and gentle discretion. The unforgettable Taliesin experience extends beyond inimitable hospitality to everything you need to enjoy an exclusive vacation.
Twelve months of intensive concept design and design development ensued, driven by simple architectural philosophies; •The why - why will the house exist? •The what - what was needed to achieve the why? What were the requirements of the internal spaces, etc? •Organic – that the design should augment the landscape not fight it. It should sit comfortably, without prominence, but not submissive to the environment and topography. •Materials – simple, elemental, natural. •The eventual concepts underwent a further six months of practical development through the use of computer generated images and scale models. •Position – tested, refined and tested again and again to achieve the optimum balance of distance from the sea, variety of views and functionality. •Wind – House builds succeed based upon the consideration and respect given to the wind in the Caribbean. All areas benefit from a gentle cooling breeze whilst others were designed to be more dramatic, dependent upon the mood of the user and the weather. •Sun - Sun mapping, or more accurately, shade mapping, enhances enjoyment and creates a variety of micro environments to suit every mood. To go even further and use the shade to enhance the aesthetic of the structure.

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